STARS Grant Report Form

As a condition of your STARS grant, you will need to provide a brief report on your experience. We hope your enrichment program or activities this summer gave you new insights or provided long lasting memories.  Please share those experiences with fellow students and your teachers when you return to school next fall.

This online form is intended to make it easier for you to provide the report information and to submit photos (and/or videos) that will help convey the value of the experience. It may be easier for you to draft your responses in a word editing program and then cut and paste your responses.

The deadline for completing and returning the 2019 STARS Grant Report is September 3rd.

B. Please share five highlights from the program (and please share photographs from your enrichment activity at the bottom of this page.)

Relate some skills or insights you gained specifically from the program.

How will you share the benefits of the program with your fellow students and the teachers? In what class will you share your experiences?

Tell how the experiences of this program will impact your work in the classroom, your life, or your career choice.