The J. Michael Mooney Excel Grant

Grants are for cultural or educational projects, and classroom equipment or resource costs that are not possible within the regular school budget. Grants will be made for innovative, creative or unique projects that enrich or supplement teaching efforts and learning activities in the curriculum that directly benefit students.

Fine Arts Performances in HFAC Grant

These grants fund artists from outside the school district who conduct workshops or clinics for students during the school day and perform in the evening in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center for the enrichment of students and community attendees.

Grant for the Arts

These grants may include artists-in-residence, artists from outside the school district, programs and projects that will enrich the learning experiences of students in all areas of the arts curriculum and supplement teaching efforts in those areas.


Cooke New Horizons Grants for Teachers

Grants are available for unique, innovative classroom projects that enrich or supplement teaching efforts and learning activities that directly benefit students. This is an opportunity to develop ideas for classroom enrichment not usually possible within the normal school budget restrictions.

STEPS Grant for Teachers

“Signatures of Teachers in Enrichment Programs in Summer” (STEPS) is a program for teachers interested in attending off-campus seminars, workshops, conferences or externships for learning classroom activities for enriching and enhancing classroom instruction for the benefit of the students.

The Halquist Technology Grant

Grants will be given for creative and innovative projects in which technology will enrich or supplement teaching efforts and learning activities that directly benefit students enrolled in a specific curriculum.

STARS Grant for Students

“Students Taking Advantage of Renewal in Summer” (STARS) Grants for students are available for students in K-11 for off-campus enrichment programs for the summer time only, approved by classroom teachers, in academic and the arts for seminars, workshops, camps, pre-college programs/classes, career exploration conferences and educational travels.

Gerald Schmitz Student Grant for Ventures in Education

Funds innovative, creative educational and/or enrichment projects, workshops, seminars, or programs of study that have been researched, developed and implemented by students under the supervision of a teacher/adviser for classes, organizations, special disciplines, or an individual in an educational experience taking place off campus during the school year.


Direct questions to

Peggy Youngblood
Chair, Grant Review Committee
Hamilton Education Foundation
P.O. Box 473
Sussex, WI 53089

Ann Ubert
Executive Director, Hamilton Education Foundation
Associated Bank
P.O. Box 149
Sussex, WI 53089
W: 262-820-6731 (work)
C: 262-442-8939 (evening)

2018 STARS Grant Application